Monday, February 13, 2012

Going "in" and "up"

Many of us question how to increase our self awareness and our connection to spirit. It is a path humans have journeyed down both consciously and unconsciously since the beginning of time.

We have been given a system involving chakras (or wheels of energy) to help guide us through this process. The chakras are located up the center of our bodies stretching from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each wheel relates to a specific aspect of our humanity/energy as well as a color.

We have seven major chakras: root (red/self awareness), sacral (orange/self respect), solar plexis (yellow/self worth), heart (green/giving and receiving love), throat (blue/self expression), brow (indigo/self responsibility) and crown (white/spiritual awareness). The health of each individual chakra and its relationship to the others is critical to our emotional, physical and spiritual health.

When the chakras are all healthy and no one chakra is stronger or weaker than another -- the body is said to be "in balance". The root chakra relates to self awareness and it is essential this be balanced before work can begin on the others. The root chakra is like a foundation that grounds us during our spiritual quest.

In order to balance the root chakra we must identify what we each need as human beings. Is it more time to meditate or pray? Is it time to read a book, take photos or take a walk? Meditate on what will bring you inner peace. What will truly make you happy? Make a list and work to incorporate these things into your life. This is begins your journey "in." You must be your own best friend and take care of yourself as only you know how.

Once the foundation is strong and your root is solid you can begin the journey "up" toward your crown chakra which represents our connection to spirit. But you must spend time on the other chakras as well working to balance the delicate tower of energy that resides in us all.