Monday, October 31, 2011

Cutting Cords with Angels

During my spiritual exploration I have certainly been pushed to think "out of the box." Some of the concepts I have been exposed to have made tremendous sense, some have amazed me, and some I am still not sure about.

The concept of spiritual healing was foreign when it was first introduced to me. First of all I was  unsure of what a person's "spirit" was, and second, even more unsure why it would need to be healed.

As I moved through my own spiritual challenges I began to understand that your "spirit" is a complex extension of you as a person. I believe it to be comprised of a sense of connectedness to the universe, a focus on your life's purpose, and belief in the meaning of your life and the lives of others....all mixed together with a dash of healthy self esteem. 

When your spiritual components are in a positive place and working together you are a bright and shinning beacon able to achieve your destiny and guide others to theirs. When your spirit has been injured you become lost and often play the role of victim, or swim in a deep sea of anger and despair.

But how can one's spirit become injured? And more importantly, how can it recover?

It is the impact of external forces that can injure your spirit and send you hurdling into a vast paralyzing sadness. We can be spiritually injured by the abusive people in our lives (can be physical or emotional abuse), or by our choices that put us in negative situations (addictions, gossip, maligning others etc.) These scar us, and these injure us.

Early on in my meditation classes I was introduced to cord cutting. Again, I wasn't thinking the process would work for me, but I'll try it all at least!

Our meditation class began as it always did, smudging, incense, and an initial meditation to quiet our minds. Then it was announced we would be doing cord cutting today. Everyone else seemed to know what to expect...except me. So, once again I braced myself as the meditation roller coaster started its climb up the steepest of hills.

We began our cord cutting meditation by picturing ourselves floating in space with our eyes closed. After a few minutes we were asked to open our eyes and look down at ourselves in our mind's eye. We were to report any cords we saw. There were questions....Do you see any? How many? Where are they positioned? How thick are they? What color were they? All of these factors helped us to discern the origin and seriousness of the cords.

The cords that are attached to us in the metaphysical world actually drain us and leave us unable to live up to our full potential. So, they must be removed. Our teacher taught us to call upon Archangels to help us achieve this.

First we were told to watch, in our meditative states for Archangel Michael to come. Michael is the strongest angel invoked for protection. As we pictured Michael we saw him with a sword, the sword that was to be used to free ourselves from the cords that were holding us back. Michael gave us the sword to cut away the cords ourselves. If we were not strong enough to do it ourselves, or if the cord was in a particularly difficult area (like the back), we were to ask him for help and he would help us. We were able to visualize the whole process.

We thanked Michael for his assistance. And then we summoned Archangel Raphael, who is known for his healing abilities. Once we visualized Raphael we asked him to heal the wounds where the chords had been attached. We watched as he gently placed his hands on each injury site and healed them. he wrapped us in his wings and let us rest there for a few minutes. I honestly have to say I felt incredibly loved and incredibly whole at that moment.

Then we thanked Raphael for his assistance and he left us. We then places the image of our metaphysical selves in the white light of God to protect us from further injury. And then we returned to our physical selves, focused on the room we were in, and opened our eyes. We were renewed, rejuvenated, and revitalized. Yet another amazing experience for which I am grateful! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vampires of Psychic Proportions

We all have people in our lives that drain us, and just being in their presence can negatively affect us. Yet they seem to leave social encounters more energized then before…how can that be? Simple, they are Psychic Vampires. And chances are you have one…or more in your life. Use the list of traits below and use it to identify these entities in your life.

Psychic Vampire traits:

1.       Driven to control relationships, conversations, people etc…

2.       Maintains an agenda to make their “victim” dependent on them.

3.       Obsessed with achieving all of their personal desires without considering the cost to anyone else.

4.       Tends to blow small problems out of proportion.

5.       Fears change.

6.       Afraid of being unable to manipulate and control situations or people.

It is important to protect yourself properly prior to any encounter with a suspected Psychic Vampire as you want to protect your energies. A simple method is a visualization technique that uses the white light of God’s love. The white light acts as a force field protecting you and others you may choose to place in it…white light is a good and safe place to be at all times.

White Light Visualization:

1.       Close your eyes

2.       Picture yourself standing in the center of a room

3.       Visualize the ceiling of that room opening

4.       Imagine a beautiful beam of white light entering the room through that opening

5.       Watch as the walls of that room are painted with the white light

6.       Then watch as the white light enters the top of your head

7.       Watch as the light fills your crown pushing any darkness/negativity down

8.       Watch as the light continues to fill your head, neck, and shoulders

9.       See the darkness explode out of your fingertips and fall down deep into the earth as it is replaced by the white light

10.   The white light continues to fill your chest, stomach and hips again pushing darkness down

11.   The white light then moves into your thighs, knees and calves

12.   Watch as all of the remaining darkness exits through the soles of your feet and re-enters the Earth

13.   Repeat the following statement: “I encircle myself in the white light of Divine love and protection”

14.   When you find yourself feeling drained, or in need of protection visualize yourself filled with the beautiful white light.

And, I guess it couldn’t hurt to carry a clove of garlic…lol!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Past Lives: Been There....Done That

Some people have a "bucket list"...detailing the many things they want to do before they die...I am one of those people.

My list is long and covers a vast array of experiences, but I can assure you that past life regression was not on my  list. Come on now, I've had enough issues trying to conquer this life and you want me to add the trials of a whole different time and place?

Well, sometimes we don't get to choose our experiences.

It was another Saturday morning and I headed off to my meditation class looking forward to another relaxing and eye opening experience. This time, however, it was anything but relaxing. Shortly after my fellow classmates and I arrived we learned we would be doing past life regression that morning. I have to admit I was skeptical. I truly felt that this would be the one experience that wouldn't work for me.

On previous occasions I had heard people in my class discussing "past life issues" and who they were in lives passed. I remember thinking ...are they serious? they really think these things that happened to them in another place, time, and body and are shaping who they are today? Some even claimed to connect with people today based on relationships they had in past lives. Hmmmmm.....really????

I tried, but couldn't wrap my mind around the whole concept, and I really didn't know what to believe.  But, I guess sometimes we have to take a leap of faith. So I decided to give it a try. My stomach was a bit the first time someone offered me a joint in high!!! I remember sitting there and everything feeling so surreal. I couldn't believe I was going to try it.

So we began our "experience" with the lights dimmed, white candles burning and our teacher beginning to take us on our journey. The scent of incense, sage and the 'appropriate' oils filled the room. We went through some initial narration...setting the scene. We were to visualize ourselves alone in a movie theatre (complete with a snack : )) and in our mind's eye we were to look directly at the large screen that soon would be playing the story of our "past" lives.

We were warned that once the curtain opened and the film began to run we MUST remain a spectator of the story and not engage and become part of the story. That scared me a bit, but I pushed forward.
And soon we each "heard" our projectors click on, our screens were illuminated, the curtains parted and our journey began.

The last thing I really remember hearing was "the character that appears on the screen first will be you." We were told to pay particular attention to the time period and any details in the scene.

So there it I was not Cleopatra, not Joan of Arc.... not the Queen of England. You see, much to my surprise I was apparently a high ranking official in the Confederate Army during the beginning of the American Civil War....REALLY?????? I never would have even guessed that one!

So once I got over my initial shock I tuned back to my "movie". As I watched it became clear to me that the soldier was struggling with something ...a was something that was tearing him apart inside. Then as I gazed across the screen... I saw a black woman standing there with her young daughter about 8 years old. They were obviously slaves. The soldier's slaves.

But there was clearly something else going on. He was deeply in love with the woman, and the girl was their child. The soldier was struggling...torn between his loyalty to the Confederacy and his incredible love for the woman and their daughter.

He decided that they would all leave the plantation. He would abandon his post and ride out of town in a coach with his family. They would head north to a place where his love and their daughter would be free.

They needed to leave immediately, as he was expected to report back to duty in a matter of hours, and when he didn't show the other officials would send a search party for him. So, hastily they fled with two horses pulling the most sturdy coach he had. As they headed down the massive driveway lined with tall magnolia trees snipers emerged from the bushes killing him and the woman. The girl was left to deal with the horror that remained.

It was at this time that we were asked to return from the exercise and find ourselves back in our class. It was then time to share our experiences and discuss what the implications of those experiences could be in our current lives.

If this was in fact a glimpse into my past life, was it possible that this could be the source of paralysis I have often felt in many relationships? I seem to freeze every time I need to make extreme decisions regarding where a relationship is going? Am I paralyzed by a past life fear? Hmmmm...if nothing else it is food for thought.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Up, Up, and Away ...a Short Trip to the Astral Plane

I continued to study meditation joining my heart and mind with an amazing group of people who so openly and honestly shared their incredible experiences. There were many guided imagery sessions,  studies of Chakras and spirit guides. But nothing had fully prepared me for the experience of Astral Travel.

I arrived to class that Saturday morning expecting to sit in my meditation chair and have an amazingly relaxing three hour session with the group that I looked forward to seeing every other week. Shortly into the session I realized this would be a day I would remember.

Our teacher announced that today we would be doing Astral be honest I wasn't even sure what that was. I had heard the term, but it was so foreign to me..... and, so utterly 'Shirley McClain.' I have to admit I was a little scared as the group, many of whom had experienced Astral Travel before, began talking of our souls leaving our bodies, having to ground ourselves, and someone needing to observe us all as we traveled to ensure we didn't get into "trouble." OK...what kind of "trouble" I thought????

I considered leaving...maybe saying I didn't feel well and running for my spiritual life. But as I listened to the group discuss their previous experience,s and how incredible "traveling" had been for them, I decided to stay. My stomach still felt a bit like it does when I am riding up an incredibly steep section of a roller coaster track and my mind realizes that in less than three seconds I will be careening down the other side at speeds I don't want to consider. But I stayed.

I didn't know what to expect. There was the usual incense, unique blends of essential oils, smudging with sage, and white candle light. My teacher, a devoted Roman Catholic, has taught us to do all of our meditation work in the white light of God's love.  As we began our session we were told to envision ourselves lying comfortably on a bed, a candle burning next to us, eyes closed. To my amazement I could see it. There I was lying on a beautiful wooden antique four-poster canopy bed surrounded by flowing white sheets.

Next we were told that an angel would be sent to sit at the side of the bed to watch our physical body as our soul left for its journey. This was a bit scary hearing that my soul was going to leave my body...I felt one final pull back to reality thinking "I must be crazy," but then I began to feel an incredible sense of calm and I wanted to push on further. It was then that my angel entered the room and knelt by my bedside, bowed his head and began to pray.

The next step was to observe in our mind's eye our souls separating from our physical selves. to my surprise. I saw it all...I saw the mist filled essence of myself lift away from my body as I lay sleeping under the angel's watchful eye.

I traveled higher and higher beyond what I know physical space to be. Through space to what I assume to be the Astral Plane. A door-like entrance appeared in front of me. The door opened and I was greeted by a young man wearing all white.  He had hair the color of corn silk and told me his name was S-h-a-i-n-e. He  spelled it out for me very carefully. He ushered me into the space.

There was a white floor and there were no walls or ceilings, there were star filled celestial galaxies working as the back drop. He pointed me toward a free floating set of white stairs heading to another door. I walked slowly, but filled with purpose up those stairs.

I opened the door slowly. I looked down at my being...I was cloaked in a white robe and guided to a white armless and backless couch. I was told to lie on the couch.  I was surrounded by a huge group of people all welcoming me and celebrating. They hoisted the couch I was laying on up into the air above them. I felt loved... like an amazing much was a beautiful moment. The people below me continued dancing, clapping and singing in celebration. I really didn't want to leave this scene.

However, our teacher called us back to reality. We retraced our steps eventually falling back into our physical selves. We thanked our angels for their watchful vigilance and once again opened our eyes and returned to reality.

 Best trip ever!!!! And no line at security!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Peace for a Friend

My friend's Mom was ill. She had been diagnosed with a terminal form of lung cancer. For six months I watched, and listened, as my friend struggled to deal with what would ultimately end in the the loss of someone irreplaceable in his life. During the journey he tried to highlight the special moments, and find humor where he could, but in in recent weeks it became clear that the patient's hard fought battle would soon be coming to an end.

The night before his Mom passed an image appeared in my mind as I was trying to fall asleep. The image was of a modest tan home with a rust colored roof. A portion of the roof  had been neatly cut away in a rectangular shape. Then a radiant beam of pure white light appeared over the house and entered into the upper floor of the house through the open segment of the roof. I felt an incredible calm.

The next day we learned of her passing. And that night I once again was hit by a repetitive image as I was trying to go to sleep. I kept seeing a petite older woman with a wonderful tan and reddish-blonde hair. She was dressed in a pink bathrobe with a zipper front and she was smiling.

As I left my house for work in the morning the woman kept popping back into my head. She seemed a bit frustrated, like she was trying to say something and I wasn't quite understanding. All of a sudden I heard "I'm with Snoopy" ...or was it Snooky? I couldn't understand which name it was because the last half of the word sounded like it was underwater. I also realized at that moment that this might be my friend's mom.

As soon as I "heard" the message I felt goose bumps go up my my left arm, a sensation which I have learned from my friend Richard (a psychic medium) is validation from those passed. The left side of the body is our "receiving" side for such messages. At that same moment a red tailed hawk, an animal spirit guide of mine, flew in front of my car.

As I pulled into the parking lot at my office I considered whether or not I should share this happening with my friend. I decided if I had a moment alone with him I would share it.

Well, the opportunity did in fact present itself. I shared the "communication" with him with the following results:

He shared with me that his mom was being cremated and that she would be wearing a pink night gown that belonged to her mother. He also shared that a beloved family pet, a dog who passed away many years ago, had been named Snoopy. As soon as he shared that with me the entire left side of my body was engulfed in goose bumps from the soles of my feet to my cheek.

I felt like I had somehow helped a grieving son understand his mom was at peace, was happy, and was still not far from him. I also felt grateful that she had allowed me to be part of such a moment.

A few hours later, I "saw" her again she offered me a piece of apple if to thank me.

I have heard that when someone "crosses over" they will sometimes look for a way to continue to communicate with those they love in order to let them know they are ok. Somehow those in spirit can identify "living" souls who would be able to act as a go between for them. These people, who usually have a strong vibrational energy, and can  act as a "medium" for the spirit.

Those who have passed can communicate in a number of different ways. A medium can see images projected, hear words (although they often will sound as though they are under water), experience physical sensations, and even smell scents like a cologne or food.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Signs are Everywhere....Even the Pet Aisle

So, in the contemplation of human existence one often asks..."is there a plan for me?" I had never quite believed that there was. I believed that you were born into this world,  you live your life to the best of your abilities and then you die. That was it. Nothing more.

 I had often been told that my life lacked spirituality, and that I should wrestle with issues of life and death and what comes next. I put it off. Until now...

I have come to believe that no circumstance in life is coincidence. People and opportunities come into our lives at the times they should. There IS a reason why you keep bumping into the same person, there IS a reason the same continuing ed class, or vacation opportunity, keeps coming across your desk. They are signs from spirit that these are opportunities you should take advantage of....that will lead you further down your path.

One of the most interesting forms of divine guidance I have accepted into my life is the messages brought by animal spirit guides. I have come to understand that animals who come to us in our dreams, or cross our paths during our everyday life are sent with meanings attached.

To determine the meaning of the animal as a sign we must go back to the animal's function and behavior in our world.  Only then can we begin to relate its appearance to us as a message regarding living our own life.

The best reference for understanding and interpreting the animals as guides is 'Animal Spirit Guides' By Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D. It is an essential reference for anyone accepting this very special method of guidance into their lives.

Accepting this guidance is learning (to some extent) from the beliefs of the Native Americans. They are extremely spiritual people with amazing connections to Mother Earth and all of nature.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chakras, Colors and Energy....Oh My!!!!!!!

As the weeks went by and I continued my meditation work it became clear I needed to learn a new language. A language not of spoken word, but one that used images and colors. I found the meditation segments of our classes incredibly a mini vacation of sorts. However, my challenge came in the discussions that followed.

I never liked to be the one in class that "didn't get it"... so... I was driven to understand this new way of looking at the world. Sure I saw colors when I closed my eyes-- I have my whole life. And as for the pictures of people, places and things I've never seen before...didn't everyone have those experiences??? Apparently not.

I easily accepted the idea that everything is comprised of vibrational energy. After all, as I have struggled in my life with the idea of God and a higher power. The one and only thing I could accept was that somewhere there existed a force that made our hearts beat, our lungs breathe, and our minds think. I could accept that this force was always in existence and just morphed into different forms over time.

So to my belief of an omnipotent energy force I was now ready to add the Chakras to my thought process. In my mind the Chakras are like filing cabinets for different energy frequencies within us. 'Chakra' in an ancient term meaning wheel. These wheels spin within all of us.

We each have seven Chakras in our bodies that contain different frequencies of energy. Each frequency corresponds to a color and to metaphysical and physical functions. The best explanation--in easy to understand terms) I have ever found exists here:

(I contacted the author, Brad Dixon, for permission to use this.) Take time to visit that link.... very easy to understand  and well written guide!!!!!

I have come to understand that the colors you see during your meditations and how they are presented to you have a direct link to something that is happening, or not happening in your life. Meditation is the beginning of an amazing journey of self discovery and an expanded understanding of how our bodies work!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'll Meet You In My Dreams

We took our seats, lights were dimmed, candles were burning, incense and essential oils filled there air. The next three hours were spent in various meditative states. Some were guided experiences and some just allowed us to follow an open stream of consciousness. When we were finished each of us took a moment to share our experiences and discuss with the group any insights gained during the exercises.

Being the novice of the group I was still finding my way. I had little to say, but was fascinated by all of the diverse sensations experienced and the insight gained as a collective group. I felt like I had been immersed in a foriegn land and was trying to learn a new language and understand a new culture all at once. Terms like chakra, smudge, and negative energy were now part of my vocabulary. I had never felt so spiritually alive or connected...I was glad I have decided to venture down this path.

My first session ended with the teacher giving us "homework."  He told us that before we went to sleep that night we should ask to meet our spirit guides, and when they visited us in our dreams we were to ask their name.

OK....really? I was doing so well, and then this...who saw this coming...enter Ozzy Ozbourne and the Crazy Train.

When it came time to go to sleep that evening I debated...should I? If I was going to committ to traveling down this path I needed to jump in with both feet right? Right!  I needed to ask to meet my spirit guide. It just had to be quietly, because I really didn't want my husband to hear me....

So I waited for just the right moment. When my husband went into the bathroom to brush his teeth I put it out the universe. I asked to meet my spirit guide. Seemed simple and harmless, and plus now I had done my homework. I always did my homework that's just who I am.

I went to sleep. I "semi" woke up at 2:30 in the morning and remained in an odd dream like state. I was watching someone in my mind... it was a Tibetan monk seated in a garden. He wore glasses and had on a white robe and green sash. I somehow managed to remeber that I had asked to meet my guide. Figuring this was him I asked what his name was...afterall I had to finish the homework. He tried to answer, but I couldn't understand it sounded like he was underwater. After several attempts he grabbed a tablet and wrote M-a-l-c-o-l-m.

Ok, so now not only do I have a guide, but he is a Tibetan monk named Malcolm. As I was processing all of this he wrote something else on the tablet "Cho". Ok I thought...enough of this I am going to prove this is nothing. I got out of bed and marched down the stairs to my computer and went to Google to search for "Tibetan monk Cho". I expected to get nothing. Boy was I wrong. The search returned something incredible. Apparently this "Cho" was a sacred healing ritual for a group of monks in Tibet. And even more amazing was that the monks were scheduled to visit the U.S. a few weeks later to perform the ritual for all who were interested.

I contacted the organization handling the monks' visit in hopes of seeing this first hand. I shared with them why I was interested, and they were truly amazed.  Unfortunately the monks were unable to obtain visas for their visit. But their representatives, who wanted me to experience the "Cho" sent me a CD of the actual ritual being performed in Tibet. I listened to the "cho" was a life altering experience.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Secret is in the Smoke

So I called and set up my trial class.

I arrived a bit early, entered the office space, and sat in the waiting room. I was nervous, but tried to look as calm as I could. I wasn't sure what to expect from my 'classmates'...would they be hippies stuck in the 1960's and all drive VW buses? Or, would they be more like The Witches of Eastwick and we'd all be levitating by the end of our three hour session?

The students began to arrive. There was nothing odd about there appearances at all. They were pleasant, well dressed and somewhat professional about their meditation studies. One of them even had a binder filled with information divided by tabs and cross-referenced. I was actually a bit intimidated.

The door opened to the meditation room...we all found seats. Richard introduced me, and after pleasentries we were told it was time to smudge. SMUDGE?  Ok, I remember thinking, this is where it gets weird. Richard matched each of his students with another and asked them to smudge each other. I watched as each pair took turns lighting some sort of dried leaf on fire and painting each other with the smoke.

I later learned that smudging is a Native American custom. The dried leaf was white sage, and the ritual is performed to remove areas of negative energy and identify areas where negative energy may exist in your body.  [great explanation of the ritual can be found here ] After 'surviving' being smudged and being pronounced officially "positive" we went back into the meditation room, and I wasn't quite sure what would come next...

Monday, October 10, 2011

How could he know?

Finally the wait was over, Richard was ready, and he called me into the room for my reading. As I looked around trying to adequately survey the room for off the chart "weirdness" without being noticed, he asked "who is Anna?" 

Ok, so anyone could have an "Anna" in their life...but for me that is possibly the most significant name there is... not only is it my daughter's name, it was my great grandmother's name, my grandmother's name and my great aunt's name as well. I was slightly amazed, but remained skeptical as any former reporter worth their salt would.

And then the flood gates was three hours filled with exact names, detailed circumstances, and amazing messages from people, somehow related to me, who had crossed over. Some I had known, some I had known simply through family folklore, but all the pieces fit. There were apologies, acknowledgments of special events and accomplishments, and encouragement for current and future endeavors.

How could Richard know all of this? He had never met me before. The person who booked my appointment only took my first name and my cell phone number. My head was spinning.

As the emotional rollercoaster ride came to an end Richard suggested I try his meditation class, that it would be very good for me. Ahhh haaaa I thought, here it's the sales's were he sucks my life savings dry. Then he invited me to try a class for free to see if I liked it. Hmmmm, that was a bit better-- Then I remembered how amazing the last few hours were and upon settling back into my comfort zone, such that it was, I said I would think about it.

After I walked out of the room and said goodbye I felt numb. This experience called into question so may beliefs, so many preprogrammed ideals. Was there so much I didn't know? Was the world, the universe so different from what I believed it to be three hours before? The answer was and still is unequivocally, YES!

The hour long ride home passed as if time had stood still. I was confused and wondered what to do with all I had experienced. I decided to try a meditation class...after all it was for free right?...if it was a cult like scam I would be on to it in a minute, but if not it could be the gateway to anamazing beginning. A beginning to a spiritual search that could change my life forever.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My First Encounter

So there it was, six months away on the appointment with Richard the Psychic Medium from the radio show.

As the date approached I found my anxiety increasing. Did I really want to do this? What if people found out? Had I lost my mind? I could picture my name listed with countless others in a news story detailing a psychic scam. "His ability can't be real" I would think...."I can't do this"  "I'm smarter then this" "I have a college degree--what am I thinking?". The money I would spend on the reading could pay for groceries for a week.

And yet...something inside of me was pushing me to go. I finally convinced myself that this would be a one time thing. If Richard's ability was real, and I didn't go I was missing out on information I should have. Was there a missing piece of "me-the-puzzle" that this encounter would replace?  Besides, I would spend this money on a massage and facial if not here. So I decided I was going.

As I drove up to his office I was uncertain and untrusting. I followed the directions I was given over the phone, by someone whose name escaped me, and let myself into the home office located in the rear of the private house. I sat in the small waiting room as I had been instructed to. BTW before going into the office I called my husband and told him exactly where I was in case I should go

Then Richard opened the door to the office. There was nothing strange about his appearance. I actually rmember thinking  he looked rather "normal". He told me he needed a few minutes to prepare and would be back out for me shortly. The minutes ticked on very slowly, and I smelled some kind of incense burning.  And somehow I started to feel calmer, like I was exactly where I should be.

The First Step

So there I was in the throws of what many would call a mid-life crisis...realizing even if I remained in good health time was fleeting. Was it possible my time left on this planet could be less than the time I had already spent here? My beautiful daughter seemed to be growing in front of my eyes and I was stuck in the routines of car pool, soccer, work, grocery shopping, laundry etc....But there had to be more...didn't there?

The first step to my quest for spirituality came from a very unlikely source. As I was getting ready for work one morning the house was filled with the sound of morning radio...the usual traffic reports, weather updates and assorted musical selections designed to energize us like a double shot of espresso...wasn't working. But this morning was different. The usual on air personalities were replaced for a bit by a psychic medium...Richard. I sat for a minute and listened to him as he spoke to callers. He was different than other psychics...his readings seemed so real. He spoke in such detail, and with such kindness and confidence. He moved caller after caller to tears with the messages he shared with them from relatives and friends fron "the other side." How could he know?

I never knew what to believe about God, about death, about what happens when we die. My curiosity was peaked...I called and made an appointment to see if there was a connection for me. Looking back now I realize that call changed my life. It put me on a path that I have been running down ever since.

Friday, October 7, 2011

so it begins....

A year and a half ago it hit me. Not just a small "oh yeah" moment, but a GIANT hit in the head with a sledge hammer moment---what was missing from my life was a sense of spirituality. That was an interesting realization because for the first 43 years of my life the concept  of anything had escaped me. It was filed under...not for me!

There I was at what many would call the apex of life...things should be easy..I paid my dues, I should be coasting now...right?

Yet I felt like a piece of swiss cheese. Some good solid substance, but there were some holes. This blog will detail my journey. The journey to define myself, who I am, and most importantly, what I believe.

Please join me each day as I share with you my search for spirituality.