Friday, November 25, 2011

Is it a disease or 'dis'-ease?

Have you ever felt like you were on a downward spiral and all of your life-compartments were out of sync? Maybe you didn't get that promotion, or you had to pick up your child in the Principal's office, or you had a huge fight with your spouse...or maybe EVERYTHING happened at once.

I have often thought it an odd (and even cruel) coincidence that just when you seem to be struggling through some of life's more difficult challenges your own body falls victim to illness, or injury, further compounding the already difficult situation.

Consider this: a person's energy can become blocked, or altered, by their life experiences. If we are unable to let emotions like anger, sadness and loss run their course, and we suppress them either because the situation is too difficult to face (or there just isn't time to sit and fall apart), we will find our bodies in a state of 'dis'-ease.

As we enter the holiday season, which is inherently a hectic time (made even more difficult by expectations of interaction with family and friends who may have very different perspectives on life), we are vulnerable to falling into a state of 'dis'-ease.  The noise level in our lives at this time of year tends to be off-the-charts.

As I move through my studies of metaphysics and mind-body connections I am fascinated by healers who are able to relate a life experience to physical illness. To understand, you need to compare the physical function of the area of the body that is ill with your current life situation. Here are just a few examples of possible problem areas and some questions you should ask yourself:

1. there something you are wishing not to hear?
2. your foundation slipping?
3. joints....are you being inflexible?
4. lungs...are you being stifled by someone or by a situation?
5. shoulders....are you taking on too much responsibility?

I am amazed at how often this holds true and I find the link between the mind and body amazing. Once you are able to acknowledge what is impacting your health you can begin process of dealing with your life situation in a healthy manner. This can be the first step in healing yourself.

Find time during this busy holiday season to reconnect with Spirit (or strengthen your existing relationship), meditate, raise your vibration and stay healthy!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Listen to the Wispers as the World Shouts

I have been reminded once again that there are messages sent to us through people that flow in and out of our lives, and through situations we find ourselves in. As of late, I had forgotten to take care of myself on a spiritual level. I lost focus...I'm not not talking about taking a shower, eating right, and exercising, but about finding peace within and truly loving myself.

The world around me during the past few weeks has been a swirling mass that had enveloped me and temporarily claimed my soul. As I look back over that time there were many messages coming to me in various forms reminding me of what was important. Reminding me to remain healthy, protected, and connected. Yet I chose to plow through it all and chose not to honor my relationship with spirit properly.

I write this today as I am remembering with immense gratitude all that my connection to the divine and to the universe has given me...most of all the sense of self and focus I usually enjoy.

I am thankful for the reminders that came my way recently (that unfortunately I chose to ignore while in the midst of the chaos) daughter's attention seeking behavior that called me home even when I couldn't be there (or so I thought), being reminded that I should be told I am am beautiful everyday...and more importantly remembering that message should come from me, and then hearing that I must forgive myself to be free....if I beat myself up over what is past I will miss the joy of today.

I certainly hope that in the future I will remain aware enough to soak in and appreciate these reminders as they are given to me. I hope to not wait for a monthly meeting with myself to look back and only then "hear".  I will always be grateful for my connection to Spirit. My work now lies in remaining an open channel for the guidance that is so lovingly provided.

Thank you to all that have been a part of keeping me on my spiritual track.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hope, Healing and Higgins

Relationships are one of life's amazing wonders. People move in and out of our lives leaving their marks...some in a good way, and some, not so much. I have to say some of the most gratifying relationships I have had in my life have been with my pets.

The bond between human and animal is filled with what we all search for--unconditional love. Pets are extremely responsive, can sense our moods and react accordingly. They truly define what a friend should be.

Animals are closer to the earth then we are. They are not distracted by news alerts, relationship issues or phone calls. They have a stronger connection to the natural state...stronger instincts, stronger intuition, and a stronger understanding of and respect for the "circle of life."

When I met my cat Higgins almost 17 years ago he was an amazing little ball of black fluff. He was the runt of the litter who somehow found the strength to scale the large dog cage he was living in so he could come nose-to-nose with me and let out some alarmingly loud meows as if to say --"pick me!!!" Although, at this point in our relationship I now know that it really was Higgins who picked me.

Having spent nearly two decades together, I can tell you that this special cat has been at my side no matter what. He has been a joy to be around, and he still amazes me every time he reproduces a behavior I taught him at a few months old. When there were tears he was  by my side with purrs to brighten my day, and when it was time for sleep it was me he would cuddle with. So, I can tell you when we got the news that he was battling lymphoma it truly was one of the saddest days of my life.

Higgins' diagnosis coincided with my beginning my Reiki studies (yes, I do know there are no coincidences.) One day while attending a Reiki class I was reading a magazine devoted to the practice. One of the stories in the magazine was (not so ironically) about Reiki and pets...particularly  terminally ill pets. Once again, I was skeptical...I didn't believe the cat would sit still long enough to have a session....I was wrong.

When I got home from my class that evening I was determined to give Higgins a Reiki session. I prepared myself and the space as I had been taught. I slowly approached the cat as the Reiki energy began flowing through my palm chakras like mother's milk from a breast. 

I thought Higgins would run away because a Reiki session was unfamiliar to him. Instead, he positioned himself to receive the energy and he began to purr. The session continued for 45 minutes. He truly seemed at peace out of pain for that time. It was an amazing connection.

I was so surprised at the way he received the energy it was so natural, beautiful and peaceful. I have continued to give him sessions on a regular basis since that night. he continues to be with me almost two years later (he has outlived all estimates.)

I believe Reiki has extended his life. I believe we share a bond that will continue even after his physical being fails. He has proved to me that Reiki works that it helps to heal and that it makes life more comfortable for those in pain....Reiki energy is pure white light...and pure love.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Into the Rays of Reiki

I often surprise people when I mention to them that I am a Reiki Master. Some are intrigued and some never look me in the eye again...funny....

Ironically, I have to chuckle when I listen to what people believe Reiki to be....some think it is a martial art, or a type of Yoga, or a practice in a secret cult-like society....still others think it is equivalent to selling snake oil off the back of a truck.

I've learned not to waste my energy trying to persuade people to believe in the amazing healing power of Reiki. If it is intended to be part of their journey it will be.

If someone had told me in my 20's or 30's that I would be walking down my current path I would never have believed them... after all, I was supposed to "shake my --- on White Snake's Car." I got here when I was ready, and when the people I needed to help me were with me.

For me, the first time I heard someone speak about Reiki it made so much sense. I had always believed we were made up of energy. I could always accept matter what. That energy makes our hearts beat, lungs breathe and minds think. That energy couldn't just disappear when a person passes. It simply moves on ....It was such a simple concept yet such a beautiful thought...universal energy shared by us all.

Yet while the energy resides in us, it is subject to blockages and imbalances these are the cause of many health issues. Energy blockages or imbalances can be manifestations of physical dis-ease or emotional dis-ease.  Someone trained in the practice of Reiki can scan a body's energy flow, identify issues and work to bring a healthy balance back into the body.

Some Reiki practitioners/masters are blessed to have intuitive guidance that helps them in identifying the cause of concern. I have been so blessed, and it is an honor to work with the amazing people I do. I am thankful for their willingness and admire the way they so dutifully perform the honest self examination that is so necessary if one is truly going to heal.

I chose to study and practice Reiki because I truly believe in it. I have been privileged to share amazing experiences with wonderful people. I encourage anyone considering trying Reiki to do it...It will open your eyes to a new way of viewing yourself, others, and the world as a whole.


Monday, November 7, 2011

A poem I wrote on healing and peace.....

We look, we see…

Poverty paralyzes

War wounds

Hunger hurts

Abuse angers

Sickness steals

Oppression ostracizes

We listen, we hear…

                Cutting cries

                Soulful screams

                Embroiled echoes

   Hurling hate

                Poison prejudice

                Limiting lies

We help, we heal…

                Equitable Earth

                Sage society

   Balanced bodies

                Manifesting minds

                Harmonic hearts

                Sanctified spirits

We waken, we win!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Then There Were Three

And then two more spirit guides joined my "team"...


I have a deep connection to nature. The phases of the moon, the changing seasons, the sights, the smells and textures of the earth have always affected me. Mother earth and all she encompasses comfort me, motivate me, and heal me. The most profound manifestation of this connection has been my undeniable link to the animal world.

I have always experienced a special bond to animals, and have spent many hours working with them to earn their trust. In return I have found myself blessed with constant companions and surrounded by infinite and unconditional love. So, it would make sense that in the metaphysical world I would continue to be aided by nature's wonderful creatures.

About a year ago I began have a series of dreams. The dreams took place in a jungle, and I watched as a tribe of people with painted faces, shields, spears and grass skirts were performing some sort of ceremonial dance. I could even hear the throbbing of the drums to which they danced.

As the tribal people worked themselves into a whirling frenzy they began to escort members of their group over to a bed of white hot coals. Then one by one they would cross the hot coals while barefoot.
After all the members of the tribe had crossed the coals a quiet descended on the group and they appeared to be deep in meditation sitting in a circle surrounding the white coals.

Slowly a white mist formed above the coals. Within the mist a man appeared with long dreadlocked hair dressed similarly to the other members of the group. Each night he would reach his hands out to me and release an animal in my direction. A different animal each night-- a scorpion, a puma, a wolf, a wild boar, a lemur etc...

I eventually came to know this man in the mist to be Raj....a new spirit guide for me. The animals Raj would release to me were messages from him regarding issues I had dealt with that day, or would continue to deal with in the coming days.

I would research each animal and find out what the spiritual meaning was of each of them.
The messages were amazing-- perfectly on target and tremendously insightful.


Many times during my meditation studies we would participate in a free flowing meditation. My teacher would play music on the sound system that was designed to transport us to other places and times.

One such time the meditation music was rooted in a Native American theme.... I saw myself sitting in a vast desert among amazing mountains and picturesque red rock formations. The sun had set and a tribe of Native Americans began to emerge from behind the rocks singing, chanting and holding torches which illuminated the area.

Then on top of one of the rock formations that looked almost like a stage out walked several of the tribal leaders. All but one faced the crowd that had engulfed me and my surroundings. The drums and the chanting were intoxicating. Leaders on the stage began to dance....there were cheers from the crowd.

Then all at once the music and the dancing ceased. The leader who had his back to the crowd slowly turned around. He had an enormous feather headdress on. His arms were raised above his head and he looked toward the sky. He then reached out to me, grabbed my hands and pulled me up on the stage.

He pulled a feather from his headdress and tied it to my hair. He whispered his name into my ear...Tenaka. they directed me to lie flat on my back on a slab of red rock, which had been hoisted onto the stage.

I closed my eyes and Tenaka laid his hands on my head. I could see a stream of white light pass through the crown of his head, through his heart and out his palms. The light then traveled through me in the same way until my palms became glowing beacons of light. I was told to stand, which I did and the entire tribe began a massive celebration...truly a beautiful moment!

Tenaka often guides me during healing sessions. If I am on target with my assessment He will turn, face me and bow. If I am missing something critical during a healing, he will turn his back on me in disapproval.

I am grateful for the presence of my spirit guides and for all of the amazing dimension they have added to my life.