Friday, December 2, 2011

Learning Life's Lessons

We are intelligent, we think, we reason. Eventually, we all question our individual there a divine plan?

It is second nature for the human spirit to search for answers to questions that plague us. So, it is therefore part of our natural process as evolving as humans to seek, and ultimately find, the meaning of life.

I too have succumbed to this urge to search for some set mission my life is designed to accomplish. Would I be judged on my performance someday? Is there really a God (or higher power) who oversees all of us like we are part of a Monopoly game? Is any of it in our control?

I tried finding answers through traditional organized religion. As soon as I would get close to "buying in" to the "rules" an unsettled feeling in my gut would resurface. There were still too many unanswered questions...why would a loving God take children at young ages? Why would a loving God permit murders, poverty and terrible accidents?  Why did there have to be war? I just couldn't take the step of what I considered blind faith.

Then these very same questions began to surface in the meditation classes I was taking that were run by my friend Richard, who is also a medium. Because Richard is a medium I believe he sees things in a different way than most of us do. I began to listen to him as he discussed the issues of our life's purpose and explained reasons behind most of the horrific happenings in the world, and I have to say for the first time things started to make sense.

So, I am choosing to share some of the insight I gained though my classes with Richard. Take what you want...leave the rest.

We all begin as one with God. We live many lives in order to experience all things human...both good, and bad. Before we become incarnate we pick (with our higher power) the life's lesson we will learn, and then we are born into society with the purpose of learning that particular lesson. The lesson could be love, hate, lust, sacrifice, success, etc...

We move through this cycle as many times as it takes us to learn all the lessons that collectively make up the human experience. Each time we become incarnate we are paired with other souls whose lessons relate to ours. This is how our families and social groups are created.

One example that resonated with me was in the case of miscarriage. Such a sad circumstance. Richard's answer to this was that the souls of the mother and child were paired because their choices of life's lessons belonged together. In that instance the mother exists to learn and deal with loss. The baby exists to feel unconditional love...even if it is for a very short while.

Once lessons in the world as we know it are completed, and the person passes, their soul returns again to be with God and review the lesson they have learned. They will then prepare for their next incarnation.

The more I thought about this description...the more it made sense.  Essentially, we are able to live our lives as we see fit, but there is always that undercurrent pulling us in the direction we need to go to gain the wisdom and experience that will move us to life's next level. And, as we gain our increased insight and experience our vibration increases and we move closer to our connection with God, which is where we hope to be when we cross the final finish line in the human race!

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  1. I do believe very heavily in the role of purpose in life. Each one of us is here for a reason and that reason is usually not so self centered and that in and of itself is a big lesson.

    Thank you for your insights.