Friday, November 25, 2011

Is it a disease or 'dis'-ease?

Have you ever felt like you were on a downward spiral and all of your life-compartments were out of sync? Maybe you didn't get that promotion, or you had to pick up your child in the Principal's office, or you had a huge fight with your spouse...or maybe EVERYTHING happened at once.

I have often thought it an odd (and even cruel) coincidence that just when you seem to be struggling through some of life's more difficult challenges your own body falls victim to illness, or injury, further compounding the already difficult situation.

Consider this: a person's energy can become blocked, or altered, by their life experiences. If we are unable to let emotions like anger, sadness and loss run their course, and we suppress them either because the situation is too difficult to face (or there just isn't time to sit and fall apart), we will find our bodies in a state of 'dis'-ease.

As we enter the holiday season, which is inherently a hectic time (made even more difficult by expectations of interaction with family and friends who may have very different perspectives on life), we are vulnerable to falling into a state of 'dis'-ease.  The noise level in our lives at this time of year tends to be off-the-charts.

As I move through my studies of metaphysics and mind-body connections I am fascinated by healers who are able to relate a life experience to physical illness. To understand, you need to compare the physical function of the area of the body that is ill with your current life situation. Here are just a few examples of possible problem areas and some questions you should ask yourself:

1. there something you are wishing not to hear?
2. your foundation slipping?
3. joints....are you being inflexible?
4. lungs...are you being stifled by someone or by a situation?
5. shoulders....are you taking on too much responsibility?

I am amazed at how often this holds true and I find the link between the mind and body amazing. Once you are able to acknowledge what is impacting your health you can begin process of dealing with your life situation in a healthy manner. This can be the first step in healing yourself.

Find time during this busy holiday season to reconnect with Spirit (or strengthen your existing relationship), meditate, raise your vibration and stay healthy!

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  1. So... the desire to find more tropical locations and less stress....hmm.. sounds like the need to adjust my energy... ;D