Tuesday, March 6, 2012

interpreting the messages we receive

Learning to live with intuitive guidance is certainly a process. An open third eye doesn’t come with a user’s manual-- you must build a reference library of your own to understand what is being conveyed.

My latest experience was part of this continuing education process. Over the course of a couple of days I had the name “Alexander” push through my mind multiple times.  I was uncertain why…I couldn’t remember any Alexander in my life and was trying to figure out where this repetitive thought belonged.

A few nights later as I closed my eyes and turned to go to sleep the faceless image of a young man in his twenties with dark hair, wearing a white sports jersey and a backwards red baseball cap appeared very close to me as if emphatically trying to tell me something. It was a startling image. His face was replaced by a jagged black hole. I quickly opened my eyes, calmed myself using a white light meditation, and refocused myself on sleeping. It happened one more time and then stopped.

Over the course of the next few days I started to forget those two experiences not having found a clear explanation for what was going on. Then I got the call that cleared it up….a co-worker of my husband’s had a new baby—a son named “Alexander”…this same individual lost his brother to suicide a few months earlier.  I realized that the faceless man who appeared to me was the new father’s brother and I believe the repetitive appearance of “Alexander” in my mind was his way of letting us know he would watch over the baby.

With the blessing of intuition comes responsibility to deliver messages we are given. I now have to move forward and let the new father know even in death his brother will be there for him and his new son. I am afraid to deliver this not knowing how it will be received….but I will.


  1. You are right; there isn't a manual and we learn by experience. Do you think he was Earth-bound? This is often the case with suicide victims until someone reaches out to them and helps them across. Maybe your mission in two-fold.

  2. Intuition is a gift that must also be developed. It is part of reading the messages that we receive or don't receive. ;D Very insightful.