Monday, April 23, 2012

Sometimes we are carried, sometimes we crawl

A friend of mine has been struggling with incredibly serious issues involving her son. There have been legal charges brought against him, addiction struggles and overall concern for his life. The situation was taking a toll on her physically and emotionally. She visited me recently for a session of Reiki healing.

I meditated for a long time before her visit hoping to be strongly guided through the session in order to provide her with the maximum level of healing possible. I asked to be used as a clear and perfect channel and for my intuition to be strengthened. Then I cleansed and prepared the room by smudging with sage, lighting white candles and a salt candle, and anchoring myself as a clear and perfect energy channel.

As we began our session I put on a CD I like to use during sessions to aid in relaxation, it combines nature sounds and classical music and invites a very peaceful state of mind.  I was thankful to feel a strong presence with me. As I began to scan her body I was able to identify areas of blocked energy and imbalances. I sensed that she was feeling very fragmented inside.

As I worked to remove blocks, balance chakras and impart healing energy something almost magical happened. It doesn’t happen with all of the clients I see, but when it happens it can be incredibly powerful… I had a vision.

It was a vision of a man supervising a group of younger men while they worked in what looked like a fabric factory of some sort.  I faintly heard the word “tailor,” but wasn’t sure if the young men were weaving fabric or sewing clothing. My focus became fixed on the supervisor.

The man appeared to be in his forties, had dark curly hair, and a moustache. He had a stern but very fair way about him. I had the feeling he was weighed down with the responsibility of helping the young men make successful lives for themselves…like that was his purpose and he would stop at nothing until that happened. I felt like he would always be there for them to guide them down a successful path.

I then felt a very strong connection between my friend’s son and this man. As if this man was helping her son to find his way and to a purpose-filled life. I felt that the man would be with him during this dark time and throughout his life.

As your intuition is strengthened your responsibility to convey what you receive also increases. I knew I needed to share this with me friend. As I began to tell her what I saw and the power of the emotional connection I felt, the CD player began skipping through music…I tried to fix it, but couldn’t and had to turn the player off.

As I went back and continued sharing the story with her the salt candle began to sizzle…a noise I have never heard before. We looked at each other as if there was something much bigger than the both of us happening around us at that moment.

She listened to me intently and then shared that back in Iran, where she was born, her grandfather was a tailor. She knew he had died young but didn’t know much beyond that. A call to her mother later on that day proved that he indeed had people who worked for him, he died in his early forties and he had a moustache.

I have a deep sense that my friend’s son will be ok, and that this man (his great grandfather) will make sure of that. This passage through a dark section of life has great purpose for him and will bring about future success and peace!

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