Saturday, November 19, 2011

Listen to the Wispers as the World Shouts

I have been reminded once again that there are messages sent to us through people that flow in and out of our lives, and through situations we find ourselves in. As of late, I had forgotten to take care of myself on a spiritual level. I lost focus...I'm not not talking about taking a shower, eating right, and exercising, but about finding peace within and truly loving myself.

The world around me during the past few weeks has been a swirling mass that had enveloped me and temporarily claimed my soul. As I look back over that time there were many messages coming to me in various forms reminding me of what was important. Reminding me to remain healthy, protected, and connected. Yet I chose to plow through it all and chose not to honor my relationship with spirit properly.

I write this today as I am remembering with immense gratitude all that my connection to the divine and to the universe has given me...most of all the sense of self and focus I usually enjoy.

I am thankful for the reminders that came my way recently (that unfortunately I chose to ignore while in the midst of the chaos) daughter's attention seeking behavior that called me home even when I couldn't be there (or so I thought), being reminded that I should be told I am am beautiful everyday...and more importantly remembering that message should come from me, and then hearing that I must forgive myself to be free....if I beat myself up over what is past I will miss the joy of today.

I certainly hope that in the future I will remain aware enough to soak in and appreciate these reminders as they are given to me. I hope to not wait for a monthly meeting with myself to look back and only then "hear".  I will always be grateful for my connection to Spirit. My work now lies in remaining an open channel for the guidance that is so lovingly provided.

Thank you to all that have been a part of keeping me on my spiritual track.



  1. You are such a damn good writer and have an amazing blog! Really wonderful stuff!

  2. I have been given a gift in the twitter connection because like you say in the blog it is easy to lose your connection to Spirit.