Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hope, Healing and Higgins

Relationships are one of life's amazing wonders. People move in and out of our lives leaving their marks...some in a good way, and some, not so much. I have to say some of the most gratifying relationships I have had in my life have been with my pets.

The bond between human and animal is filled with what we all search for--unconditional love. Pets are extremely responsive, can sense our moods and react accordingly. They truly define what a friend should be.

Animals are closer to the earth then we are. They are not distracted by news alerts, relationship issues or phone calls. They have a stronger connection to the natural state...stronger instincts, stronger intuition, and a stronger understanding of and respect for the "circle of life."

When I met my cat Higgins almost 17 years ago he was an amazing little ball of black fluff. He was the runt of the litter who somehow found the strength to scale the large dog cage he was living in so he could come nose-to-nose with me and let out some alarmingly loud meows as if to say --"pick me!!!" Although, at this point in our relationship I now know that it really was Higgins who picked me.

Having spent nearly two decades together, I can tell you that this special cat has been at my side no matter what. He has been a joy to be around, and he still amazes me every time he reproduces a behavior I taught him at a few months old. When there were tears he was  by my side with purrs to brighten my day, and when it was time for sleep it was me he would cuddle with. So, I can tell you when we got the news that he was battling lymphoma it truly was one of the saddest days of my life.

Higgins' diagnosis coincided with my beginning my Reiki studies (yes, I do know there are no coincidences.) One day while attending a Reiki class I was reading a magazine devoted to the practice. One of the stories in the magazine was (not so ironically) about Reiki and pets...particularly  terminally ill pets. Once again, I was skeptical...I didn't believe the cat would sit still long enough to have a session....I was wrong.

When I got home from my class that evening I was determined to give Higgins a Reiki session. I prepared myself and the space as I had been taught. I slowly approached the cat as the Reiki energy began flowing through my palm chakras like mother's milk from a breast. 

I thought Higgins would run away because a Reiki session was unfamiliar to him. Instead, he positioned himself to receive the energy and he began to purr. The session continued for 45 minutes. He truly seemed at peace out of pain for that time. It was an amazing connection.

I was so surprised at the way he received the energy it was so natural, beautiful and peaceful. I have continued to give him sessions on a regular basis since that night. he continues to be with me almost two years later (he has outlived all estimates.)

I believe Reiki has extended his life. I believe we share a bond that will continue even after his physical being fails. He has proved to me that Reiki works that it helps to heal and that it makes life more comfortable for those in pain....Reiki energy is pure white light...and pure love.


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  1. Connection/Relationships are not restricted to humans and we should never be so arrogant as to assume that we are the only ones capable of great presence.

    Animals are often the messengers, servants and angels to humans, even when our own unconsciousness prevents us from being aware of it.

    Thank you for sharing. It is always a pleasure to read about the connections you make.