Saturday, November 5, 2011

Then There Were Three

And then two more spirit guides joined my "team"...


I have a deep connection to nature. The phases of the moon, the changing seasons, the sights, the smells and textures of the earth have always affected me. Mother earth and all she encompasses comfort me, motivate me, and heal me. The most profound manifestation of this connection has been my undeniable link to the animal world.

I have always experienced a special bond to animals, and have spent many hours working with them to earn their trust. In return I have found myself blessed with constant companions and surrounded by infinite and unconditional love. So, it would make sense that in the metaphysical world I would continue to be aided by nature's wonderful creatures.

About a year ago I began have a series of dreams. The dreams took place in a jungle, and I watched as a tribe of people with painted faces, shields, spears and grass skirts were performing some sort of ceremonial dance. I could even hear the throbbing of the drums to which they danced.

As the tribal people worked themselves into a whirling frenzy they began to escort members of their group over to a bed of white hot coals. Then one by one they would cross the hot coals while barefoot.
After all the members of the tribe had crossed the coals a quiet descended on the group and they appeared to be deep in meditation sitting in a circle surrounding the white coals.

Slowly a white mist formed above the coals. Within the mist a man appeared with long dreadlocked hair dressed similarly to the other members of the group. Each night he would reach his hands out to me and release an animal in my direction. A different animal each night-- a scorpion, a puma, a wolf, a wild boar, a lemur etc...

I eventually came to know this man in the mist to be Raj....a new spirit guide for me. The animals Raj would release to me were messages from him regarding issues I had dealt with that day, or would continue to deal with in the coming days.

I would research each animal and find out what the spiritual meaning was of each of them.
The messages were amazing-- perfectly on target and tremendously insightful.


Many times during my meditation studies we would participate in a free flowing meditation. My teacher would play music on the sound system that was designed to transport us to other places and times.

One such time the meditation music was rooted in a Native American theme.... I saw myself sitting in a vast desert among amazing mountains and picturesque red rock formations. The sun had set and a tribe of Native Americans began to emerge from behind the rocks singing, chanting and holding torches which illuminated the area.

Then on top of one of the rock formations that looked almost like a stage out walked several of the tribal leaders. All but one faced the crowd that had engulfed me and my surroundings. The drums and the chanting were intoxicating. Leaders on the stage began to dance....there were cheers from the crowd.

Then all at once the music and the dancing ceased. The leader who had his back to the crowd slowly turned around. He had an enormous feather headdress on. His arms were raised above his head and he looked toward the sky. He then reached out to me, grabbed my hands and pulled me up on the stage.

He pulled a feather from his headdress and tied it to my hair. He whispered his name into my ear...Tenaka. they directed me to lie flat on my back on a slab of red rock, which had been hoisted onto the stage.

I closed my eyes and Tenaka laid his hands on my head. I could see a stream of white light pass through the crown of his head, through his heart and out his palms. The light then traveled through me in the same way until my palms became glowing beacons of light. I was told to stand, which I did and the entire tribe began a massive celebration...truly a beautiful moment!

Tenaka often guides me during healing sessions. If I am on target with my assessment He will turn, face me and bow. If I am missing something critical during a healing, he will turn his back on me in disapproval.

I am grateful for the presence of my spirit guides and for all of the amazing dimension they have added to my life.

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