Monday, October 31, 2011

Cutting Cords with Angels

During my spiritual exploration I have certainly been pushed to think "out of the box." Some of the concepts I have been exposed to have made tremendous sense, some have amazed me, and some I am still not sure about.

The concept of spiritual healing was foreign when it was first introduced to me. First of all I was  unsure of what a person's "spirit" was, and second, even more unsure why it would need to be healed.

As I moved through my own spiritual challenges I began to understand that your "spirit" is a complex extension of you as a person. I believe it to be comprised of a sense of connectedness to the universe, a focus on your life's purpose, and belief in the meaning of your life and the lives of others....all mixed together with a dash of healthy self esteem. 

When your spiritual components are in a positive place and working together you are a bright and shinning beacon able to achieve your destiny and guide others to theirs. When your spirit has been injured you become lost and often play the role of victim, or swim in a deep sea of anger and despair.

But how can one's spirit become injured? And more importantly, how can it recover?

It is the impact of external forces that can injure your spirit and send you hurdling into a vast paralyzing sadness. We can be spiritually injured by the abusive people in our lives (can be physical or emotional abuse), or by our choices that put us in negative situations (addictions, gossip, maligning others etc.) These scar us, and these injure us.

Early on in my meditation classes I was introduced to cord cutting. Again, I wasn't thinking the process would work for me, but I'll try it all at least!

Our meditation class began as it always did, smudging, incense, and an initial meditation to quiet our minds. Then it was announced we would be doing cord cutting today. Everyone else seemed to know what to expect...except me. So, once again I braced myself as the meditation roller coaster started its climb up the steepest of hills.

We began our cord cutting meditation by picturing ourselves floating in space with our eyes closed. After a few minutes we were asked to open our eyes and look down at ourselves in our mind's eye. We were to report any cords we saw. There were questions....Do you see any? How many? Where are they positioned? How thick are they? What color were they? All of these factors helped us to discern the origin and seriousness of the cords.

The cords that are attached to us in the metaphysical world actually drain us and leave us unable to live up to our full potential. So, they must be removed. Our teacher taught us to call upon Archangels to help us achieve this.

First we were told to watch, in our meditative states for Archangel Michael to come. Michael is the strongest angel invoked for protection. As we pictured Michael we saw him with a sword, the sword that was to be used to free ourselves from the cords that were holding us back. Michael gave us the sword to cut away the cords ourselves. If we were not strong enough to do it ourselves, or if the cord was in a particularly difficult area (like the back), we were to ask him for help and he would help us. We were able to visualize the whole process.

We thanked Michael for his assistance. And then we summoned Archangel Raphael, who is known for his healing abilities. Once we visualized Raphael we asked him to heal the wounds where the chords had been attached. We watched as he gently placed his hands on each injury site and healed them. he wrapped us in his wings and let us rest there for a few minutes. I honestly have to say I felt incredibly loved and incredibly whole at that moment.

Then we thanked Raphael for his assistance and he left us. We then places the image of our metaphysical selves in the white light of God to protect us from further injury. And then we returned to our physical selves, focused on the room we were in, and opened our eyes. We were renewed, rejuvenated, and revitalized. Yet another amazing experience for which I am grateful! 

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