Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chakras, Colors and Energy....Oh My!!!!!!!

As the weeks went by and I continued my meditation work it became clear I needed to learn a new language. A language not of spoken word, but one that used images and colors. I found the meditation segments of our classes incredibly a mini vacation of sorts. However, my challenge came in the discussions that followed.

I never liked to be the one in class that "didn't get it"... so... I was driven to understand this new way of looking at the world. Sure I saw colors when I closed my eyes-- I have my whole life. And as for the pictures of people, places and things I've never seen before...didn't everyone have those experiences??? Apparently not.

I easily accepted the idea that everything is comprised of vibrational energy. After all, as I have struggled in my life with the idea of God and a higher power. The one and only thing I could accept was that somewhere there existed a force that made our hearts beat, our lungs breathe, and our minds think. I could accept that this force was always in existence and just morphed into different forms over time.

So to my belief of an omnipotent energy force I was now ready to add the Chakras to my thought process. In my mind the Chakras are like filing cabinets for different energy frequencies within us. 'Chakra' in an ancient term meaning wheel. These wheels spin within all of us.

We each have seven Chakras in our bodies that contain different frequencies of energy. Each frequency corresponds to a color and to metaphysical and physical functions. The best explanation--in easy to understand terms) I have ever found exists here:

(I contacted the author, Brad Dixon, for permission to use this.) Take time to visit that link.... very easy to understand  and well written guide!!!!!

I have come to understand that the colors you see during your meditations and how they are presented to you have a direct link to something that is happening, or not happening in your life. Meditation is the beginning of an amazing journey of self discovery and an expanded understanding of how our bodies work!

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