Sunday, October 23, 2011

Up, Up, and Away ...a Short Trip to the Astral Plane

I continued to study meditation joining my heart and mind with an amazing group of people who so openly and honestly shared their incredible experiences. There were many guided imagery sessions,  studies of Chakras and spirit guides. But nothing had fully prepared me for the experience of Astral Travel.

I arrived to class that Saturday morning expecting to sit in my meditation chair and have an amazingly relaxing three hour session with the group that I looked forward to seeing every other week. Shortly into the session I realized this would be a day I would remember.

Our teacher announced that today we would be doing Astral be honest I wasn't even sure what that was. I had heard the term, but it was so foreign to me..... and, so utterly 'Shirley McClain.' I have to admit I was a little scared as the group, many of whom had experienced Astral Travel before, began talking of our souls leaving our bodies, having to ground ourselves, and someone needing to observe us all as we traveled to ensure we didn't get into "trouble." OK...what kind of "trouble" I thought????

I considered leaving...maybe saying I didn't feel well and running for my spiritual life. But as I listened to the group discuss their previous experience,s and how incredible "traveling" had been for them, I decided to stay. My stomach still felt a bit like it does when I am riding up an incredibly steep section of a roller coaster track and my mind realizes that in less than three seconds I will be careening down the other side at speeds I don't want to consider. But I stayed.

I didn't know what to expect. There was the usual incense, unique blends of essential oils, smudging with sage, and white candle light. My teacher, a devoted Roman Catholic, has taught us to do all of our meditation work in the white light of God's love.  As we began our session we were told to envision ourselves lying comfortably on a bed, a candle burning next to us, eyes closed. To my amazement I could see it. There I was lying on a beautiful wooden antique four-poster canopy bed surrounded by flowing white sheets.

Next we were told that an angel would be sent to sit at the side of the bed to watch our physical body as our soul left for its journey. This was a bit scary hearing that my soul was going to leave my body...I felt one final pull back to reality thinking "I must be crazy," but then I began to feel an incredible sense of calm and I wanted to push on further. It was then that my angel entered the room and knelt by my bedside, bowed his head and began to pray.

The next step was to observe in our mind's eye our souls separating from our physical selves. to my surprise. I saw it all...I saw the mist filled essence of myself lift away from my body as I lay sleeping under the angel's watchful eye.

I traveled higher and higher beyond what I know physical space to be. Through space to what I assume to be the Astral Plane. A door-like entrance appeared in front of me. The door opened and I was greeted by a young man wearing all white.  He had hair the color of corn silk and told me his name was S-h-a-i-n-e. He  spelled it out for me very carefully. He ushered me into the space.

There was a white floor and there were no walls or ceilings, there were star filled celestial galaxies working as the back drop. He pointed me toward a free floating set of white stairs heading to another door. I walked slowly, but filled with purpose up those stairs.

I opened the door slowly. I looked down at my being...I was cloaked in a white robe and guided to a white armless and backless couch. I was told to lie on the couch.  I was surrounded by a huge group of people all welcoming me and celebrating. They hoisted the couch I was laying on up into the air above them. I felt loved... like an amazing much was a beautiful moment. The people below me continued dancing, clapping and singing in celebration. I really didn't want to leave this scene.

However, our teacher called us back to reality. We retraced our steps eventually falling back into our physical selves. We thanked our angels for their watchful vigilance and once again opened our eyes and returned to reality.

 Best trip ever!!!! And no line at security!!!!


  1. Very cool. There is so much joy as you find more stillness within your life!

    I have really enjoyed your blog. Thought you would like to know that I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award! ;D

  2. Thanks nice of you :)Glad u r enjoying.