Saturday, October 8, 2011

My First Encounter

So there it was, six months away on the appointment with Richard the Psychic Medium from the radio show.

As the date approached I found my anxiety increasing. Did I really want to do this? What if people found out? Had I lost my mind? I could picture my name listed with countless others in a news story detailing a psychic scam. "His ability can't be real" I would think...."I can't do this"  "I'm smarter then this" "I have a college degree--what am I thinking?". The money I would spend on the reading could pay for groceries for a week.

And yet...something inside of me was pushing me to go. I finally convinced myself that this would be a one time thing. If Richard's ability was real, and I didn't go I was missing out on information I should have. Was there a missing piece of "me-the-puzzle" that this encounter would replace?  Besides, I would spend this money on a massage and facial if not here. So I decided I was going.

As I drove up to his office I was uncertain and untrusting. I followed the directions I was given over the phone, by someone whose name escaped me, and let myself into the home office located in the rear of the private house. I sat in the small waiting room as I had been instructed to. BTW before going into the office I called my husband and told him exactly where I was in case I should go

Then Richard opened the door to the office. There was nothing strange about his appearance. I actually rmember thinking  he looked rather "normal". He told me he needed a few minutes to prepare and would be back out for me shortly. The minutes ticked on very slowly, and I smelled some kind of incense burning.  And somehow I started to feel calmer, like I was exactly where I should be.

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