Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'll Meet You In My Dreams

We took our seats, lights were dimmed, candles were burning, incense and essential oils filled there air. The next three hours were spent in various meditative states. Some were guided experiences and some just allowed us to follow an open stream of consciousness. When we were finished each of us took a moment to share our experiences and discuss with the group any insights gained during the exercises.

Being the novice of the group I was still finding my way. I had little to say, but was fascinated by all of the diverse sensations experienced and the insight gained as a collective group. I felt like I had been immersed in a foriegn land and was trying to learn a new language and understand a new culture all at once. Terms like chakra, smudge, and negative energy were now part of my vocabulary. I had never felt so spiritually alive or connected...I was glad I have decided to venture down this path.

My first session ended with the teacher giving us "homework."  He told us that before we went to sleep that night we should ask to meet our spirit guides, and when they visited us in our dreams we were to ask their name.

OK....really? I was doing so well, and then this...who saw this coming...enter Ozzy Ozbourne and the Crazy Train.

When it came time to go to sleep that evening I debated...should I? If I was going to committ to traveling down this path I needed to jump in with both feet right? Right!  I needed to ask to meet my spirit guide. It just had to be quietly, because I really didn't want my husband to hear me....

So I waited for just the right moment. When my husband went into the bathroom to brush his teeth I put it out the universe. I asked to meet my spirit guide. Seemed simple and harmless, and plus now I had done my homework. I always did my homework that's just who I am.

I went to sleep. I "semi" woke up at 2:30 in the morning and remained in an odd dream like state. I was watching someone in my mind... it was a Tibetan monk seated in a garden. He wore glasses and had on a white robe and green sash. I somehow managed to remeber that I had asked to meet my guide. Figuring this was him I asked what his name was...afterall I had to finish the homework. He tried to answer, but I couldn't understand it sounded like he was underwater. After several attempts he grabbed a tablet and wrote M-a-l-c-o-l-m.

Ok, so now not only do I have a guide, but he is a Tibetan monk named Malcolm. As I was processing all of this he wrote something else on the tablet "Cho". Ok I thought...enough of this I am going to prove this is nothing. I got out of bed and marched down the stairs to my computer and went to Google to search for "Tibetan monk Cho". I expected to get nothing. Boy was I wrong. The search returned something incredible. Apparently this "Cho" was a sacred healing ritual for a group of monks in Tibet. And even more amazing was that the monks were scheduled to visit the U.S. a few weeks later to perform the ritual for all who were interested.

I contacted the organization handling the monks' visit in hopes of seeing this first hand. I shared with them why I was interested, and they were truly amazed.  Unfortunately the monks were unable to obtain visas for their visit. But their representatives, who wanted me to experience the "Cho" sent me a CD of the actual ritual being performed in Tibet. I listened to the "cho" was a life altering experience.

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  1. Hello Reiki,

    I love your post! I enjoyed the story, your truth and your humor!You have most certainly stepped onto the spiritual path my friend. And I get the impression that for you, there is now no turning back. Congratulations on being open to receive information from Spirit in your dream. The Soul often speaks to us in dreams and symbols. If you have not already done so, I would get a journal and start writing down your dreams upon awakening. The key is not to talk with anyone first, just write the dream. This helps you retain it. Then look beyond the content of the dream into how you were feeling. Your feelings during the dream and about the dream have a lot to tell you as well. There are often abundant clues in your dreams from your subconscious mind of things that may be disturbing your peace of mind and need your attention. Any way, you are doing a wonderful job with your blogs and sharing your journey of awakening. Lots of fears and doubts will surface in the beginning and this is quite natural. This is your ego mind at work. Your ego's job is to keep you believing that you are separate from Spirit. The more you begin to "plug" into Spirit and your Soul the less hold the ego mind will have over your thoughts. Anyway, I hope you keep writing and wish you all the best.

    Love, Mia :)