Friday, October 21, 2011

Peace for a Friend

My friend's Mom was ill. She had been diagnosed with a terminal form of lung cancer. For six months I watched, and listened, as my friend struggled to deal with what would ultimately end in the the loss of someone irreplaceable in his life. During the journey he tried to highlight the special moments, and find humor where he could, but in in recent weeks it became clear that the patient's hard fought battle would soon be coming to an end.

The night before his Mom passed an image appeared in my mind as I was trying to fall asleep. The image was of a modest tan home with a rust colored roof. A portion of the roof  had been neatly cut away in a rectangular shape. Then a radiant beam of pure white light appeared over the house and entered into the upper floor of the house through the open segment of the roof. I felt an incredible calm.

The next day we learned of her passing. And that night I once again was hit by a repetitive image as I was trying to go to sleep. I kept seeing a petite older woman with a wonderful tan and reddish-blonde hair. She was dressed in a pink bathrobe with a zipper front and she was smiling.

As I left my house for work in the morning the woman kept popping back into my head. She seemed a bit frustrated, like she was trying to say something and I wasn't quite understanding. All of a sudden I heard "I'm with Snoopy" ...or was it Snooky? I couldn't understand which name it was because the last half of the word sounded like it was underwater. I also realized at that moment that this might be my friend's mom.

As soon as I "heard" the message I felt goose bumps go up my my left arm, a sensation which I have learned from my friend Richard (a psychic medium) is validation from those passed. The left side of the body is our "receiving" side for such messages. At that same moment a red tailed hawk, an animal spirit guide of mine, flew in front of my car.

As I pulled into the parking lot at my office I considered whether or not I should share this happening with my friend. I decided if I had a moment alone with him I would share it.

Well, the opportunity did in fact present itself. I shared the "communication" with him with the following results:

He shared with me that his mom was being cremated and that she would be wearing a pink night gown that belonged to her mother. He also shared that a beloved family pet, a dog who passed away many years ago, had been named Snoopy. As soon as he shared that with me the entire left side of my body was engulfed in goose bumps from the soles of my feet to my cheek.

I felt like I had somehow helped a grieving son understand his mom was at peace, was happy, and was still not far from him. I also felt grateful that she had allowed me to be part of such a moment.

A few hours later, I "saw" her again she offered me a piece of apple if to thank me.

I have heard that when someone "crosses over" they will sometimes look for a way to continue to communicate with those they love in order to let them know they are ok. Somehow those in spirit can identify "living" souls who would be able to act as a go between for them. These people, who usually have a strong vibrational energy, and can  act as a "medium" for the spirit.

Those who have passed can communicate in a number of different ways. A medium can see images projected, hear words (although they often will sound as though they are under water), experience physical sensations, and even smell scents like a cologne or food.

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  1. Miracles, I call them miracles. It is real, I know for sure, too! We are so lucky! Loving your work, Mimi