Saturday, October 8, 2011

The First Step

So there I was in the throws of what many would call a mid-life crisis...realizing even if I remained in good health time was fleeting. Was it possible my time left on this planet could be less than the time I had already spent here? My beautiful daughter seemed to be growing in front of my eyes and I was stuck in the routines of car pool, soccer, work, grocery shopping, laundry etc....But there had to be more...didn't there?

The first step to my quest for spirituality came from a very unlikely source. As I was getting ready for work one morning the house was filled with the sound of morning radio...the usual traffic reports, weather updates and assorted musical selections designed to energize us like a double shot of espresso...wasn't working. But this morning was different. The usual on air personalities were replaced for a bit by a psychic medium...Richard. I sat for a minute and listened to him as he spoke to callers. He was different than other psychics...his readings seemed so real. He spoke in such detail, and with such kindness and confidence. He moved caller after caller to tears with the messages he shared with them from relatives and friends fron "the other side." How could he know?

I never knew what to believe about God, about death, about what happens when we die. My curiosity was peaked...I called and made an appointment to see if there was a connection for me. Looking back now I realize that call changed my life. It put me on a path that I have been running down ever since.

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  1. This is really great stuff! You do have a unique voice, and I'm looking forward to reading more!