Monday, October 10, 2011

How could he know?

Finally the wait was over, Richard was ready, and he called me into the room for my reading. As I looked around trying to adequately survey the room for off the chart "weirdness" without being noticed, he asked "who is Anna?" 

Ok, so anyone could have an "Anna" in their life...but for me that is possibly the most significant name there is... not only is it my daughter's name, it was my great grandmother's name, my grandmother's name and my great aunt's name as well. I was slightly amazed, but remained skeptical as any former reporter worth their salt would.

And then the flood gates was three hours filled with exact names, detailed circumstances, and amazing messages from people, somehow related to me, who had crossed over. Some I had known, some I had known simply through family folklore, but all the pieces fit. There were apologies, acknowledgments of special events and accomplishments, and encouragement for current and future endeavors.

How could Richard know all of this? He had never met me before. The person who booked my appointment only took my first name and my cell phone number. My head was spinning.

As the emotional rollercoaster ride came to an end Richard suggested I try his meditation class, that it would be very good for me. Ahhh haaaa I thought, here it's the sales's were he sucks my life savings dry. Then he invited me to try a class for free to see if I liked it. Hmmmm, that was a bit better-- Then I remembered how amazing the last few hours were and upon settling back into my comfort zone, such that it was, I said I would think about it.

After I walked out of the room and said goodbye I felt numb. This experience called into question so may beliefs, so many preprogrammed ideals. Was there so much I didn't know? Was the world, the universe so different from what I believed it to be three hours before? The answer was and still is unequivocally, YES!

The hour long ride home passed as if time had stood still. I was confused and wondered what to do with all I had experienced. I decided to try a meditation class...after all it was for free right?...if it was a cult like scam I would be on to it in a minute, but if not it could be the gateway to anamazing beginning. A beginning to a spiritual search that could change my life forever.

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