Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vampires of Psychic Proportions

We all have people in our lives that drain us, and just being in their presence can negatively affect us. Yet they seem to leave social encounters more energized then before…how can that be? Simple, they are Psychic Vampires. And chances are you have one…or more in your life. Use the list of traits below and use it to identify these entities in your life.

Psychic Vampire traits:

1.       Driven to control relationships, conversations, people etc…

2.       Maintains an agenda to make their “victim” dependent on them.

3.       Obsessed with achieving all of their personal desires without considering the cost to anyone else.

4.       Tends to blow small problems out of proportion.

5.       Fears change.

6.       Afraid of being unable to manipulate and control situations or people.

It is important to protect yourself properly prior to any encounter with a suspected Psychic Vampire as you want to protect your energies. A simple method is a visualization technique that uses the white light of God’s love. The white light acts as a force field protecting you and others you may choose to place in it…white light is a good and safe place to be at all times.

White Light Visualization:

1.       Close your eyes

2.       Picture yourself standing in the center of a room

3.       Visualize the ceiling of that room opening

4.       Imagine a beautiful beam of white light entering the room through that opening

5.       Watch as the walls of that room are painted with the white light

6.       Then watch as the white light enters the top of your head

7.       Watch as the light fills your crown pushing any darkness/negativity down

8.       Watch as the light continues to fill your head, neck, and shoulders

9.       See the darkness explode out of your fingertips and fall down deep into the earth as it is replaced by the white light

10.   The white light continues to fill your chest, stomach and hips again pushing darkness down

11.   The white light then moves into your thighs, knees and calves

12.   Watch as all of the remaining darkness exits through the soles of your feet and re-enters the Earth

13.   Repeat the following statement: “I encircle myself in the white light of Divine love and protection”

14.   When you find yourself feeling drained, or in need of protection visualize yourself filled with the beautiful white light.

And, I guess it couldn’t hurt to carry a clove of garlic…lol!!!

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